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Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering
Speed is the biggest single factor in road crashes, responsible for over 1,000 deaths and 10,000 serious injuries in the UK every year. There is overwhelming evidence that lower speeds result both in fewer collisions and in reduced severity of collisions. One of the most powerful research findings of recent years has been that an increase in average speed of 1mph results in an average 5% increase in the total number of crashes. Correspondingly, a 1mph reduction in average speed results in an average 5% reduction in crashes. This means that even marginal reductions in average speeds can result in major road safety gains.

CEEMA has the expertise in traffic safety engineering and can assist you with the following:

Vulnerable Road User Safety
  • Traffic Safety Audit
  • Safe routes to school
  • Pedestrian crossing choice
  • Home Zones design and consultation
  • Cycle safetyd
  • Competitive costs
  • Speed management
  • Problem identification and tailored solutions
  • Speed enforcement/ automatic enforcement advice
  • Interactive signing advice, site selection and implementation
  • Sustainable safety measures
  • Self explaining roads
  • Date Collection and analysis
  • Speed and classified flow collection and interpretation
  • Accident analysis
  • Independent questionnaire / opinion surveys
  • Traffic Engineering and design
  • Project Management
  • Route treatments
  • Local safety schemes
  • Traffic sign design
  • Feasibility studies
  • City/Town Centre Enhancements
  • Traffic Engineering (incl. TRO's, speed limits, waiting restrictions, etc.)
  • Infrastructure Design (highway, drainage, etc.)
  • Site Supervision
  • Contract document preparation
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